Virtus project becomes MIT case study

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Family economic group, industry leader in Ecuador

SITUATION AND CONTEXT - Changes in the environment deteriorating business performance - Structure of the group dispersed without clear focus - Weak corporate governance - There is no long-term aspiration - Leadership is hierarchical and not very participatory - Talent management model is outdated - Culture focused on order, discipline and obedience - Stiffness and… read more

Chilean company leader in entertainment

SITUATION AND CONTEXT - Arrival of new competitors - Significant loss of revenue due to legislative changes - Management focused exclusively on revenue - Profitability below market in the 3 business lines - Fragmented responsibilities - Ignorance of customer motivations and the competition - Culture focused on the product What • Construction with the client… read more

One of the 3 major food retailers Chile

SITUATION AND CONTEXT - Retailer in a highly competitive context - Network of stores with different formats throughout the country - Lack of standardized practices, different “service cultures” - Lack of a common and refined model - High costs compared to those of the competition What • Set of key initiatives over 24 months which… read more

Chile’s leading consumer company in its field

SITUATION AND CONTEXT - Several controlling families - Second generation of shareholders families as Directors - Need to resume growth to multiply x3 the company revenue - Operations in multiple countries, increasing management complexity What • Definition of a new aspiration and mandate for the executive team (e.g., growth and profitability) • Create with the… read more

Ministry of State of Chile

SITUATION AND CONTEXT - Organization with silo working culture - High turnover of the leadership team - Reputational loss compared to other State divisions - Team focus on the contingency and absence of a medium/long-term strategic plan What • Definition of a shared aspiration within the organization • Complete diagnosis of the organization and international… read more

Chilean market leader in social security

SITUATION AND CONTEXT - Increasingly complex and competitive environment weaken company’s performance - Current business model “wearing out” - Organizational and leadership model not aligned with the structure and capabilities required by the new environment - Break-even in operating income What Deep understanding and diagnosis of current situation Design an integral transformation plan for 24… read more

One of the top five top banks in Chile

Situation and context - Strong aspiration of the major shareholder to double profitability - Need to design a differentiating business strategy - Silo culture and low level of teamwork at a top team level - Working habits and behavior focused on internal processes, losing sight of their customers What Crystallization of the aspiration for the… read more