“My experience in Virtus has been everything I expected and more. They care about professional and personal development of each consultant, and seek excellence in every area. It is a family of which I am proud and I love being part.”

Andrés Weber,
Virtus Partners Consultant

The appeal of our proposal is based on 6 distinguishing features

Because we want the best people on our team, we offer an exceptional place to work, not only from the high quality of people who already make up the Virtus Partners Team, but also the way we work and develop our people, always looking to add significant value and sustainable support to clients and society in general.

Horizontal and collaborative work with senior team members

Comprehensive model that addresses the “what” and the “how” in the solution (Multi-Disciplinary Teams-MDTs)

Work on the client (integrated) and access to upper management

Professional Development through accelerated and intensive training programs.

Regional Scope (job opportunities abroad)

Attractive, collaborative and merit-based culture

We offer an excellent sponsorship plan for your MBA in the best universities in the world