Beverage player with a global footprint operating in the Colombian market


– Beverage company with dominant participation in larger categories
– Profound changes in consumer preferences translate into low growth of categories where the company dominates
– After months without any progress following the growth plan agreed, the is a risk of losing ground when facing an inminent competitive movement


  • • Strategic planning, seeking to strengthen the long-term growth engine in Colombia
  • • Identification of  high growth and good fit categories to integrate into the company’s portfolio


  • • Designing and facilitating spaces for interaction that allow the leadership team to identify behaviours that are limiting the action (some view the process as imposed, do not take responsability, blame external conditions, argue technical issues, etc.)
  • • Generating commitments that enable to narrow and close the gaps identified previously in the spaces for interaction
  • • Co-building a clearer agreed goal that emotionally and not only rationally connects the entire leadership team around a single purpose


– Successful execution, in months, of two key initiatives of the plan, changing the way of working and creating the ability to repeat it in the future.