Chilean company leader in entertainment


– Arrival of new competitors
– Significant loss of revenue due to legislative changes
– Management focused exclusively on revenue
– Profitability below market in the 3 business lines
– Fragmented responsibilities
– Lack of understanding of customer motivations and the competition
– Culture focused on the product


  • Construction with the client of a transformation plan to recover the leading profitability position in Chile
  •  Design of initiatives for implementing transformation:
    • Profitability of each of the businesses
    • Rationalization of employees in the corporate center
    • Redesign of organization
  • • Customer segmentation
  • • Creation of detailed business plans by unit


  • • Gradual involvement of the organization’s leadership (e.g. top 5, top 20, top 100) to agree on the corporate aspiration and build the “change story”
  • • Identification of agents of change
  • • Definition of the new ways of work necessary to achieve the aspiration (“From – To”)
  • • On-site presence and understanding of the situation at multiple levels (e.g. local team work, focus groups)
  • • Implementation of an office of change management to manage the transformation in an integral way
  • • Implementation of key management interactions for the business, unit and service areas
  • • Rigorous control of commitments


– Initiatives by US $ 30 MM annually, of which US $ 20 MM are captured within the first 6 months.