Chilean market leader in social security


– Weakening company performance due to increasingly complex and competitive environment
– Current business model “wearing out”
– Organizational and leadership model not aligned with the structure and capabilities required by the new environment
– Break-even level of operating income


  • Deep understanding and diagnosis of current situation
  • Design of an integral transformation plan for the next 24 months, divided into 5 phases including crystallization of the business aspiration and prioritization of key working initiatives:
    • Redesign of the organizational structure
    • Redefinition of value proposition
    • Definition of a national agencies network model (to operationalize the new value proposition)
    • Design of an efficiency program (cost reduction ~20%)


  • Top team transition (on boarding of the newly hired CEO and establishment of a new top team)
  • Alignment of people around the corporate aspiration through a collaborative multi organizational level effort of building a “change story” (starting with the top team)
  • Definition of new ways of work and corporate values required to successfully drive change
  • Design and implementation of a leadership and mentoring program for the top 50 executives
  • Working together with the client on the implementation of the new network model to assure that desired practices are in place


– Accident rate fell by 30% (all-time low) and operating income increased from break-even to +10% in 2 years.