Family economic group, industry leader in Ecuador


– Changes in the environment deteriorating business performance
– The group structure is scattered, without a clear focus
– Weak corporate governance
– There is no long-term aspiration
– Leadership is hierarchical and not participatory
– Talent management model is outdated
– Culture focused on order, discipline and obedience
– Stiffness and fear of change


  • • Definition of aspiration, with profitability and growth targets
  • • Organization of 18 scattered companies in 3 Business Units and creation of a Corporate Center
  • • Implementation of a new corporate governance model, driving boards for each Business Unit
  • • Establishment of strategic management for value capture
    • Analysis of portfolio and potential business performance
    • Implementation of annual strategic planning cycle
    • Implementation of layer by layer communication system to take the strategy to all the Group’s workers


  • • Building of the “change story” with the participation of the Top 100 and three generations of the shareholding family
  • • Conducting transversal leadership workshops for the Top 100
  • • Defining the new ways of work needed to reach the aspiration (“From – To”)
  • • Implementing a new talent management model and performance management system
  • • Mapping talent pool to understand skills
  • • Renewing group values
  • • Strengthening the ways of work in management teams
  • • Renewing the leadership team, including onboarding of 3 CEOs and a new Executive Chairman for the Group


– Complete transformation of the Group ensuring its long term sustainability.