We support organizations in making major strategic decisions to achieve their short and long-term objectives.


We collaborate with our clients in adapting their organization, culture and leadership for the achievement of strategic objectives.


We provide our clients with expertise in the simultaneous improvement of efficiency and service quality.


We accompany leaders and teams in the digital transformation of their organizations, with a focus on capturing business opportunities.


We support family businesses to overcome the most important challenges with a systemic view, ensuring sustainability.

We serve clients in
10 countries throughout Latin America

  • chile
  • colombia
  • perú
  • ecuador
  • argentina
  • uruguay
  • brasil
  • panamá
  • venezuela
  • república dominicana

We are committed to generate high impact and sustainable results for our clients


Partners with extensive experience
in major international consulting firms


Clients in different countries throughout Latin America


High-impact projects in the region


One of the leading banks in Chile needed to design a distinctive business strategy with their sights set on doubling profitability. However, sub-par teamwork and weak client focus made it difficult for the client to meet this objective.


The business model of one of Chile’s leaders in labor security faced an increasingly competitive and complex environment, and its organizational and leadership model was not aligned with the new environment.


One of the leading food retailers in Chile had different service cultures in various establishments throughout the country, lacking a cohesive and refined business model in addition to high costs compared to the competition.


An important family business in the industrial sector in Ecuador had weak corporate governance and a culture focused on discipline, resistant to change as well as lack of long-term aspiration, which, coupled with changes in the environment, deteriorated their business performance.

“… the idea of changing our business model was born from them ... our role, as senior management, is to hear good ideas and take them.”

Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM

“They worked closely with the leaders of the organization to develop and structure a plan to change our business portfolio, engaging and supporting the implementation of the plan”

Juan Carlos Cortés, Corso President

“Something really distinctive about Virtus is the ability and intention to analyze and understand the organizational environment, adapting the solutions to the current context and capabilities of each organization, which determines the impact that can be achieved"

Juan Luis Moreno, COO of ACHS

“The role played mainly by its partners, as advisors of the CEO, has a high added value. In my case, as a new CEO, their close support and role as sounding board when facing difficult decisions, was of outstanding value"

Sebastián Reyes, CEO of Red Salud

“Virtus approach to Megasalud teams was very close, empathetic and with a great spirit of teamwork. This certainly facilitates the development of the project, along with "installing in the organization" a positive and constructive view about role and focus of consulting"

Rodrigo Medel, CEO of Megasalud

“Virtus challenged us to think differently and redefine the way we were doing things internally and aided us in generating the organizational muscle to face the future…

Richard von Appen, Ultramar President