“In an uncertain legal context, Virtus challenged us to seek for new valuable opportunities and establish a lighter organizational model to face the future and capture the identified opportunities. Aligned with our aspiration and strategic pillars, we co-constructed a wide set of projects, establishing a comprehensive agenda for their execution and value management, all of which was reflected in the company’s budget”

Marcelo Dutilh, CEO of Consalud

We assist our clients throughout the project cycle to make “things happen”

Virtus Partners, from the start of each project, looks at how to generate the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of the recommendations.

This, through our proven methodology of co-construction of solutions and development of capabilities, in which the client becomes a participant and protagonist of the process from day one, generating high conviction and actively empowering the client as agent of change.

This all within a comprehensive look that combines the technical with the adaptive, so as to achieve the changes required by the organization in a harmonious and sustainable way.

Furthermore we support our clients, if required, in the process of implementing the recommendations, offering an approach that goes beyond the diagnosis and design solutions.

Creative, pragmatic and implementable solutions that generate high-level results