Ministry of State of Chile


– Organization with silo working culture
– High turnover of the leadership team
– Reputational loss compared to other State divisions
– Team focus on the contingency and absence of a medium/long-term strategic plan


  • • Definition of a shared aspiration within the organization
  • • Complete diagnosis of the organization and international benchmark
  • • Design of organizational and institutional structure focused on planning, the client’s vision and stakeholders’ handling
  • • Introduction of committees and coordination instances
  • • Definition and implementation of regional management model


  • • Colaborative construction of the “leadership seal” and definition of the new culture and values
  • • Setting up of key committees
  • • Involvement of middle management in strategic plans by division
  • Design and implementation of a leadership program for the top 100 (leadership skills development workshops)
  • Support for introducing new ways of work, and group and individual coaching
  •  Design of a communication strategy for the transformation process, creating formal channels for listening to people
  •  Implementation of the change management office to carry out follow-up and make necessary adjustments


– Positioning as the leading public institution recognized for its long-term role planner and validated by its stakeholders.