One of the top five banks in Chile

Situation and context

– Strong aspiration of major shareholder to double profitability
– Need to design a differentiating business strategy
– Silo culture and low team cooperation at the executive level
– Ways of work focused on internal processes, losing sight of customers needs


  • Crystallization of the corporate aspiration for the next four years:
    • Expected results (e.g. ROE, market share)
    • Key dimensions to work on (e.g. quality of service, efficiency)
    • Ways of work and corporate values to strengthen
  • Definition and implementation of a new business strategy, corporate and by segments
  • Prioritization of projects which are critical to achieve the corporate aspiration
  • Definition of a new network and branch customer service model


  • Definition of new ways of work needed to meet the corporate aspiration (“From – To”)
  • Dissemination of newly established corporate values through (i) internal communications campaign and (ii) cascading the values in each business unit
  • 360° evaluation of the top team to develop new leadership and management skills
  • Mapping of talent pool to identify key leaders and define action plans
  • Definition of internal agents of change
  • Design and implementation of a leadership program (workshops and coaching)
  • Implementation of a new network management model (with on-site presence)


– ROE increased from ~ 12% to ~ 20% within 2 years