“…Virtus challenged us to think and redefine the way we were doing things internally and aided us in generating the organizational muscle to face the future…”

Richard Von Appen,
 Ultramar President

We are a senior management consulting Firm focused on creating value for our clients

Our Firm was founded in 2007 by two senior partners of one of the largest and most prestigious international consulting firms. Today, we’ve solidified our position as a regional leader in senior management consulting, and are recognized for our commitment to generate sustainable results for our clients.

Our mission is to be the strategic partners of our clients, working closely with each of them to make “things happen.” This is accomplished through a comprehensive approach to business challenges and changes at the organizational and leadership level, and a distinctive methodology for articulating best management practices and applying them to the local culture, always in the context of co-building solutions and developing abilities in the clients to achieve conviction and results.

Together, we have conducted more than 200 successful projects for for-profit and non-profit companies and institutions in different industries and countries throughout Latin America, on strategic, organizational, and operational issues.