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Frequent Asked Questions


What types of professionals are you looking for?

Virtus encourages diversity within our Firm, so there is no single type of professional that fits with our culture and values, yet there are shared characteristics in our consultants. Excellent credentials, high analytical rigor, adaptive capacity, pragmatism, leadership, teamwork, motivation, courage and curiosity are some of the features we have in common in our Firm.
The choice of professionals is administered impartially and decisions are made independent of ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or any other variable that causes arbitrary discrimination.arbitraria.

Within what careers are you looking for professionals?

While having knowledge in the area of business is critical to perform in management consulting, we know that these can be acquired in different ways and not only through a focused career in business. Our consultants prove it, coming from various careers as civil engineers, sales engineers, psychologists, economists, nuclear engineers, among many others.

What are the minimum requirements to apply?

While specific requirements vary for the different offices, the general requirements for applying for a Consultant Position are:

• Be within 30% of the ranking in undergraduate graduation
• Have between 0 and 4 years of work experience

Likewise, the general requirement to apply for the position of Senior Consultant is to have graduated from an MBA top 20 in the world.

Nevertheless, PhDs, Masters of various specialties and exceptional professionals can apply for Virtus and be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What is the recruitment process?

The process for the position of Consultant consists of 4 stages: a screening test, 2-3 cases interviews with Project Managers and Vice Presidents, a group activity, and 2-3 case interviews with Vice Presidents and Partners. In addition, we ask applicants to write a letter explaining their interest Virtus Partners.
The process for the rest of the positions consists of 2 stages: 2-3 interviews with Project Managers and Vice Presidents, and 2-3 interviews with Vice and Partners.

How many positions are you seeking to fill?

We have no minimum or maximum quota to fill. As a Firm, we believe that our greatest asset is our people, so we only make job offers to those professionals who stand out for their independent analytical and interpersonal skills.

How do I apply?

To apply, complete the following form

How do I prepare for tests and case interviews?

We strongly recommend preparing for test cases and interviews, because the level is high and we want all applicants to perform at maximum.
The screening test is styled “GMAT” and consists of two sections. The first part is a series of multiple-choice math questions in Spanish and the second is a series of critical thinking questions in English. To prepare the test you can download our set of exercises and additionally find material on the Internet.
For case interviews, prior to the round of interviews for the position of Consultant, we invite applicants to attend a little training on how to resolve these cases with our Consultants. Additionally, you can find a lot of material on the Internet and books specializing in consulting.

What is a case interview?

In a case interview the interviewer presents the applicant with a real or fictional problem for which we would provide support to our clients on a regular basis. In the interview, the candidate must resolve the case with his interviewer, while asking pertinent questions and making the necessary calculations to arrive at the solution.

Do you accept part-time applicants?

For now, we only accept consultants with full-time availability.

Do you accept interns?

We accept interns for “summer internships” from graduate (MBA). For undergraduates we do not accept interns.

Can I apply more than once for the same position?

Applicants who have not been accepted in the previous process can apply more than once, but should wait at least two years to reapply.

How long does the process take?

From the first step to sending offers, the recruitment process takes about 1.5 Months.

How long might I wait before starting in my new position?

The new-hire start date can be assessed case by case after receiving an offer, depending on the needs of the applicant

How I can I verify that my CV was sent/received correctly?

After submitting your application via our form you should receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application. If you fail to receive it after 24 hours, please Contact with us.

How I can reach you if I have a problem?

You can write us using the contact form.

Virtus career

What are the growth opportunities within Virtus?

Virtus is looking for consultants for whom continual learning and growth are part of his or her career, so it has clearly defined stages. Additionally, an intermediate space is provided for performing an MBA abroad.
Each of these stages has a duration of 2-3 years to the extent that the consultant meets the necessary skills to take the next leap.

What type of projects does a consultant work?

To perform in management consulting, the range of projects in which consultants work at Virtus is wide, varying by industry (banking, retail, utilities, airlines, etc.), by type of project (cost reduction, planning strategic merger or acquisition, etc.) and phase (assessment, design and / or implementation.)

How is a team structured?

While the team is structured/ tailored to each client, a traditional team consists of 1 Partner 1 Vice 1 Project Manager 1 Senior Consultant and 1-2 Consultants.

What role does a consultant have on a team?

The consultant is expected to contribute to the team:
• Leading a project, developing both hardware and specific client recommendations
• Breaking a particular problem into parts, identifying the necessary analysis to develop solutions
• Participating actively in the sessions of team problem solving
• Interacting with all levels of the client’s organization as they go about their day to day activities.
• Projecting Virtus values at work

What level of interaction do I have as a consultant with the partners of Virtus?

Virtus partners are present throughout the project. For a consultant, it is normal to have 3 or 4 weekly interactions with them, which can be problem solving sessions, client presentations or meetings.
Virtus is known for its horizontality in relations between team members. These relations are considered a learning opportunity and are heavily promoted at Virtus.

Are there specific teams by industry or type of project?

In Virtus, teams are not specific to industry and consultants are encouraged to go through various industries, challenging them to develop dynamism and vision in consulting skills.
In the instance where a consultant has a special affinity for an industry, he or she may express interest in participating in related projects. Each application will be evaluated case by case.

What level of interaction does consultant have with clients?

Virtus’ working “closely” with the client is one of the most effective ways to create value and also an excellent opportunity to accelerate the professional development of the consultants.
Virtus teams work directly in the client’s office, so that interactions happen every day formally or informally. Additionally, it is normal to integrate one or more of the clients into the work associated with everyday projects, as the consultant has to be a forefront leader in developing the clients of the executive team.

Will I have the opportunity to work abroad?

Yes, Virtus has regional presence and has already completed projects in 10 countries in Latin America. Currently, it has an office in Santiago as well as Bogotá and plans to open others in the future.

How long does a project last?

While Virtus strives to generate long-term relationships with clients, a consultant is involved, on average, in 2 phases of the project, which have a duration of three months per phase. Variations to these times depend on the category of problem facing the client and the number of phases of development that this entails (diagnosis, solution design and / or implementation thereof).

Why do I need an MBA to develop my career at Virtus?

The MBA is a career stage for the Virtus Consultant where he or she is exposed to different perspectives in various industries, cultures and ways of understanding the world, developing a breadth of vision that is highly valued in consulting. Second, the MBA gives a veneer of expertise and professional skills, which ultimately prepare the consultant to take on new challenges. Finally, this step represents an excellent opportunity to develop and internationalize his network of contacts and those of the company.

Do consultants receive sponsorship for their MBA?

It is normal for a consultant who has done well during its first two years to be sponsored by Virtus to pursue one of the top 10 MBA programs in the world. The sponsorship includes the cost of studies, round-trip tickets, materials and a computer.

What training does a consultant receive?

Professional growth is a fundamental pillar in Virtus and we value the complement of formal and on the job training. The consultants have mandatory training throughout their careers in various fields such as communication, problem solving, leadership, use of tools, and optional trainings internationally in finance, marketing, strategy, among others.


What is the work schedule? Do I have flexibility in my schedule?

While there is no set schedule to meet a project’s goals, a consultant usually works from 9 AM to 8:30 PM Monday through Thursday and from 9 AM to 6 PM on Fridays. With that said, there is flexibility in the schedule to meet the needs of our consultants.
While flexibility within a consultants schedule is high priority, as is normal, there will be items on a consultant’s schedule that cannot be moved.

How much are you traveling as a consultant?

The number of trips made by a Virtus consultant depends on the number of projects abroad (outside of Chile and Colombia) and the arrangement that consultant has to travel.
The consultants who want to do projects abroad have priority in the allocation of projects and teams typically are filled with volunteers. Usually, a consultant performs 1 project a year abroad, traveling for a period of 3-4 months.

Do you host activities on and off the job?

Virtus organizes many activities to keep us together as a team and have fun. We have two major events a year, an off-site in mid-year and year-end trip, usually out of town office. Additionally, during the year we organize happy hours, soccer games, ski trips, spa days for women, car races, team cookouts, among other activities.
Additionally we encourage consultants to create new events, with complete freedom and support to build the company.

How are consultants assigned to projects?

Usually, the teams are assigned according to the availability of consultants without current or soon to start projects. Additionally, consultants can ask for specific projects according to their personal priorities, which are take into consideration when making assignments. The final decision is made by the team staffing coordinator, which seeks balanced teams, mixing consultants with experience in the industry with new consultants who join.

Do you work on weekends / holidays?

Work schedules are based upon meeting targets rather than hours or days set, so the amount of work will depend largely on how the consultants allocate their time. Despite the above, our Firm policy is that we do not work on weekends and holidays, so we encourage teams to meet this guideline.